AMINOZ Pure Whey

AMINOZ Pure Whey

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AMINOZ Pure Whey

AMINOZ PURE is a Hard Core muscles advance formulae, which is based on highest international quality Whey Protein imported from USA.

No cutting corners, no shortcuts, no sacrificing quality. You don't do that with your workouts, so why would you do it with your protein?

Mixes Instantly! AMINOZ PURE has been formulated to dissolve instantly in water, milk, or your other beverage of choice & it utilizes some of the most advanced flavor systems available to deliver imaginative, delicious protein flavors that everyone will crave. 

AMINOZ PURE is a blend of proteins that digests rapidly and is a rich source of amino acids for muscle recovery. Each serving of AMINOZ PURE provides 24.1 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff you can do without. 

It also contains essential nutrients for maintaining Endurance, for achieving Lean Muscles, for attending to free radicals, for better protein digestion and synthesis to make it a truly international advanced formulae for muscle building.

So it's safe to say AMINOZ PURE is here to set the new standard in protein


2.2lbs-30servings per container

4.4lbs-59 servings per container

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